The Movement Mindset Video Series

Take A Stand

Practice mindful standing with mountain pose.

Lower Your Back Pain

Three simple poses can improve spine health.

A Hip Movement

Pigeon pose is a great hip opener.

Good Circulation

Increase bloodflow while working.

Stress Less

Improve your mood by focusing on breathing.

Pain in the Neck

Reduce neck and shoulder tension.

Join the Movement! More great videos are on the way.

We will be releasing a total of 10 videos featuring discreet yoga poses and solutions to neck pain, focus, balance, wrist health, headaches, circulation and more!

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Movement Makes

a Difference

Sitting is a REAL Problem

The average computer worker sits for 13 to 15 hours a day. This has proven to contribute to cancer, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack and depression. Sitting is now considered a disease.

Ergonomics Alone Won't Help

No matter how comfortable or ergonomic your chair is, staying in a seated posture all day at work is bad for your back. Sitting for long periods has damaging effects on the spine. An estimated 75-80 percent of Americans suffer from lower back pain… primarily due to being sedentary.

Standing Makes a Difference

Standing more increases heart rate, burns more calories, and promotes better insulin management. After a year of standing just three additional hours each day, a person can burn up to 30,000 extra calories… equating to eight pounds of fat… about the same as running 10 marathons!

Movement is the Answer
Sitting all day is bad. But standing all the time isn't the answer either. The best way to prevent the risks posed by a sedentary lifestyle is to MOVE! Aim for a healthy mix of sitting, standing and actively moving throughout the work day.

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